Our Coffee

Our beans are some of the highest quality gourmet coffee available.

100% Colombian Supremo

One of the great coffees of the world, providing that perfect balance of aroma, body and flavor. No need for blending with other coffees. This is the largest "single origin" gourmet coffee in the world.

Costa Rican Terrazu

From the premier coffee-growing region of Costa Rica comes this light, smooth, highly-flavoured coffee that the world's top Coffee Tasters routinely mistake for Hawaiian Kona.

Sumatra Mandheling

From the Indonesian Archipelago come the richest, deepest and most full-bodied of coffees. Often employed as the "Java" of Mocha Java blends, this superb coffee has a low acidity with a chocolate-like undertone. A great after dinner drink.

Fog Cutter

Enjoy a no-nonsense, crack-of-dawn, eye opener? To the nutty, cashew flavor of Natural Brazils we added the flavor rich power of the Colombians. These beans are highly aromatic, giving you an exhilarating sensation for that first cup of the day. Fog Cutter is ideal for cappuccinos, lattes and espressos.
RoastMedium Dark

French Roast

Premium blend of high grown Central American coffees: deep and rich to satisfy the most discrimination tastes. another excellent choice for espressos, cappuccinos and lattes.

Espresso Dark Roast

An Italian style coffee that produces a deep, rich, full-bodied cup. This is an exotic blend of coffees from around the world especially formulated to create an exceptional crema that espresso aficionados will love.
RoastMedium Dark

Brazil Santos

This coffee is smooth tasting with low acidity... a good choice for folks bothered by high acidity in certain coffees. Shipped from the port of Santos.

Breakfast Blend Decaffeinated

This decaffeinated blend of premium high grown coffees comes from Central and South America. It's mellow, smooth, taste will please your palate and ease you into the day.